Pathos and heartbreak

Kamin MohammadiThree months ago all I could see was the hard shell of Iran.  Violent, ruthless, cunning and almost nuclear– it was Islamic jihad on steroids, it was effectively killing our troops overseas with specialized IEDs and it was the greatest external threat to the stability and prosperity of the west that I knew of.  It was not the beautiful Persian journalist you see here (picture courtesy of The Guardian).

The stolen Iranian election of June 12th has changed all that.  I have spent hours blogging, reading and posting tweets, doing some tech support for the Iranian resistance and practically memorizing the sights and sounds of Tehran.  Today I read this— raw, full of pathos, even heartbreaking, about a people and culture who have struggled against tyranny and longed for freedom for centuries.  Kamin Mohammadi is an Iranian journalist who fled the country with her family in 1979, and who longs to go back– but cannot.  She contributes to Tehran Bureau, a major source of news for me in the last few months, and a window past the filter of the MSM and Iranian state controlled lies about the election and it’s consequences.

Many of us live lives of the day to day, focusing on our friends and family, breathing the air of freedom and prosperity (even in a recession), hardly realizing how blessed we are.  Please, read this.  If you would like to know more, see our Free Iran page for news and links.

And be thankful for the freedom we now enjoy.  Many long for it, with all their hearts, and yet will never see it… unless we help them.

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