Pathos and heartbreak

Kamin MohammadiThree months ago all I could see was the hard shell of Iran.  Violent, ruthless, cunning and almost nuclear– it was Islamic jihad on steroids, it was effectively killing our troops overseas with specialized IEDs and it was the greatest external threat to the stability and prosperity of the west that I knew of.  It was not the beautiful Persian journalist you see here (picture courtesy of The Guardian).

The stolen Iranian election of June 12th has changed all that.  I have spent hours blogging, reading and posting tweets, doing some tech support for the Iranian resistance and practically memorizing the sights and sounds of Tehran.  Today I read this— raw, full of pathos, even heartbreaking, about a people and culture who have Continue reading “Pathos and heartbreak”

Update- the Price of Freedom

Many of you have heard of or seen the YouTube video of the death of Neda, the beautiful young Iranian shot by Islamic street thugs while peacefully protesting, who then dies on camera.  What you may not know yet is that it has gotten worse.  In Tehran tonight (via Twitter) the thugs are attacking protesters with axes and loading the dead bodies in trucks!  Honestly, it is hard to write about this because it is so upsetting…

In order to keep blog posts here short, we have created a page dedicated to the Free Iran effort, which is here.  Please check back periodically, or contact us at for more information.

Thank you!

We know nothing about fear

UPDATE: watch this first– it explains what is going on…

I am a white, American middle class male.  I trust in the Lord God and follow His way, believing He will triumph in the end.  In manyWhere is our Vote? ways I and my family are so very different from the oppressed and slaughtered in Iran today.  Nevertheless… you must read this.  I had to stop 1/2 way through and just sob with my head in my hands.  These people simply Continue reading “We know nothing about fear”

Twitter freedom

The world has changed.

I’ll be honest- I’m having trouble working today.  As the fraudulent Iranian election returns began to come in last Friday night, I began following feeds from Tehran on Twitter.  For hours I watched the news happen in real time, following links that thousands (both inside and outside of Iran) were posting.  Some tweets were being done by students at Tehran Univ. as their friends were being beaten and attacked in the street outside!

Today I can’t stop, even though I have work to do; here’s why.

WARNING: This is a graphic photo showing a dead protester.

I don’t know Continue reading “Twitter freedom”