The O and the B

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President BHO

President O

President GWB

President B

Notice anything?  How ’bout this: there are 6 men in these two pictures, and 5 of them are millionaires, or close to it.  The sixth is a cop.  Guess why he’s in the picture with 5 millionaires?  For more, and credits on the pictures, read this.


One of the six men also said this, “… anyone making less than $250,000 a year ‘will not see their taxes increase by a single dime’ if he was elected.”  According to the Wall Street Journal, “… he was right, very strictly speaking: It’s going to be many, many, many billions of dimes.”


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  1. okay, I can easily imagine me simply being distracted by the 5 million things that Presidents have to think about, and walking a little fast and not noticing someone who needed help. I mean, does Gates really look old enough for someone to assume he’s going to need help walking down the stairs?

    Anyway, I can’t figure out what the actual big mistake is = Obama NOT helping Gates down the stairs (but leaving that job to the cop who arrested him), or hiring people to work for him who are stupid enough to release that photo. Because even if Obama truly did have the best of intentions, and would have been happy to help Gates down the stairs, how could they think this wouldn’t reflect badly on Obama?

    but it annoys me when the ONLY THING conservative commentators talk about is how this automatically makes Obama a terrible person.

  2. The cane.

    All of this is about “narrative” isn’t it? Watch:
    1. Woman sees two men breaking into house (looks like a robbery)
    2. Man inside goes ballistic when cop shows up (is he hiding something?)
    3. White cop asks black man to step outside his own house (obvious)
    4. President calls white cop stupid without the facts (obvious reversed and raised one level)
    5. President feigns apology (is one really needed in light of Obvious 3?)
    6. President uses beer date to reframe narrative (critics are actually the stupid racists)
    7. President leads to the beer patio (accidentally leaving guy with cane to risk broken hip & end of career, but only racists would notice this)
    8. Cop pays attention to the cane (no narrative- cops survive by paying attention)
    9. White House staff & press corp still on “BHO as God” narrative (and don’t even think about 1 thru 8 )

    and, the most important point…

    10. Voting taxpayers remember that Pres. Hussein’s entire political career has been a long, ever-changing narrative and so they do a double-take and … SEE THE NARRATIVE!

    Conservatives are talking about the narrative.

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