Deep down in your gut, you knew this…

As it turns out, the size of your gut doesn’t particularly matter either, at least in these studies.

Sweaty exercise reduces your cancer risk.

At least, it does in Finland during middle age.  (Swimming counts too- even though the sweat might not be visible.)  So here’s what I’m thinking about:

  • Sitting all day in front of this screen will kill me eventually
  • I do exercise, almost every day, but I don’t sweat enough
  • The time I spend exercising is well worth it, unless I just like the idea of being (marginally) richer and dead
  • As I get closer, it hurts more to exercise, therefore…
  • Bring on the hurtin’!!!

I guess this isn’t good news for you pain-averse types.  Frankly, my own, personal body isn’t thrilled with the news, either.  But then, who said life was easy?

Renaissance Fair

Lydia has had a very busy week (as you will see), so she asked me to post this for her:

Dear Friends and Family,

Wow, sooo, I have two weeks to catch up on don’t I? We’ll I’ll try to hit the highlights. So two weeks ago, I was formally initiated into the Mirrors Sophomore Class Honorary, an honorary that I had applied for in February and had done an interview for as well. Every year a group of 40 students are selected by the current Mirrors members to be the next ‘generation’ I specifically wanted to get into this honorary because their main service project is volunteering for the St. James Cancer Hospital. I want to get involved in service to cancer patients since my grandmother on my mother’s side died of cancer.

Last Wednesday I received a letter of congratulations from the East Asian Studies Center at OSU. I had won Continue reading “Renaissance Fair”

A Weekend of Rugby

Dear family and friends,

My first week back after spring break was the usual transition between my “normal life” attitude and my “studyharddon’tsleepgeteverythingdoneArrggg!” attitude. As I watched my family drive away Sunday night I felt pretty hollow and lonely inside, but by Monday morning I was more or less over not seeing them again for another two and a half months. It’s been pretty hard getting back in the swing of things though, because Continue reading “A Weekend of Rugby”

The End of the World….. I mean Quarter Has Come

The End of the Quarter Has Come…….oh yeah…..dear family and friends too,

Mostly, the last week is here and then finals, which I won’t call a week because it is not. However, this is a first for me, since last quarter I only had one final and that was pretty easy, and this quarter I have four finals. Therefore, today you get an abbreviated version of my activities for the past week, and next week you probably won’t be hearing from me at all, as I doubt I’ll be able to unstick my face from my textbooks long enough to write an e-mail longer than “ask me after finals.” There is definitely nothing in the world quite like college ;)>

Tuesday- I took my second math midterm. If you want to know Continue reading “The End of the World….. I mean Quarter Has Come”

Contemplating foreign stuffs :)>

Dear friends and family,

School is now in full swing. Classes have more or less straightened out and clubs and sports teems have started up again. I survived rugby practice from a not so unreasonable 11:00 pm to a questionable 12:30 am. The practice was very good, things just started going downhill when I had to ride home on my bike in the torrential wind and rain. Even more not good was not getting to sleep till 1:30 am, and then getting up at a glorious 6:45 the next morning for math class. Boy, you’ve just got to love college *grimace*.

As far as classes go, I just realized that I have had only one “american” teacher for the past three quarters. All my teachers have been Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Malaysian, Moroccan, Yemeni, and one from Ghana just to make things interesting (Ghana is on the Ivory Coast in Africa by the way). What does this mean? It means Continue reading “Contemplating foreign stuffs :)>”

Fall has finally fallen

Dear friends and family,

Well, fall has truly come to OSU campus, and the war is in full swing. What?….you don’t know about the war? It is an epic battle of mighty proportions that I see raging back and forth across the campus. The sides are not equally matched, and I fear that those who fight for good on campus shall be overpowered and ground to shreds. Haha, I hope I’m confusing you >;)>. I’m speaking of the heated battle between the groundskeepers and the falling leaves. The beautiful, many colored fall leaves are swirling and falling all over campus, making everything beautiful, as if covered with a weird colored snow (hmmm, maybe not). Anyway, it is the hight of my fall experience to swish through fallen, crackly leaves on the way to class.

However, it seems that the powers that be on campus are not an open minded and nature loving bunch. They’ve sent their lackeys (groundskeepers) out on a quest to gather and destroy all rebellious leaves who refuse to stay up in their trees. I see the evil work being done every day, and I long to pause in my hurried rushing from class to class in order to lend a hand to the poor leaves.

Despite the fact that I know the leaves will eventually be overcome, they Continue reading “Fall has finally fallen”

I was attacked by the US Navy

(team); I was attacked by the US Navy team. Rugby team to be precise.

Dear Friends and Family,

Aahh, I suppose you’re all wondering how the game went. Well if you weren’t wondering, then I applaud you for not being draw in by all this stupid sports stuff. I suppose I have been drawn in, but solely for physical fitness and teamwork development reasons. Well…anyway. The good news is, I had a ton of fun. The better news is, I didn’t get hurt (bruises don’t count, and I definitely have a few). The other news is, Continue reading “I was attacked by the US Navy”