I was attacked by the US Navy

(team); I was attacked by the US Navy team. Rugby team to be precise.

Dear Friends and Family,

Aahh, I suppose you’re all wondering how the game went. Well if you weren’t wondering, then I applaud you for not being draw in by all this stupid sports stuff. I suppose I have been drawn in, but solely for physical fitness and teamwork development reasons. Well…anyway. The good news is, I had a ton of fun. The better news is, I didn’t get hurt (bruises don’t count, and I definitely have a few). The other news is, we got creamed. The other other news is, that’s ok. One, we were playing Navy (like Annapolis Naval Academy), so I’m really glad they are better than us, since they’ll be fighting and dying for us in the future. Second, it was my first game, and most of the other’s second game, so we were still figuring things out. And third, we played really hard and made them fight. We actually did really well in some areas, but the part about not letting the other teem score, well, we kind of missed that part. We’ve got another game next weekend, so don’t stop praying ;)>.

School, contrary to some expectations, is going well. Midterms are coming up though, so I have to stay focused. Fortunately, I don’t have midterms in either Chinese class (and even if I did, I think I’d be fine). No, its the Arabic midterm that’s got me worried.

Me, I’m sore and tired, so you don’t get anything else from me. Except that I would LOVE to hear from you!! **Glare glare** (if you do send me e-mails, disregard this outburst). Hope all y’all are well and kicking, keep you chins up and chest out and have another great week.


P.S. Mom, I did take pictures of my first ever rugby game. Albeit, they were by a friend with a disposible camera, but its better than nothing. We’ll see how they turn out when I get home for X-mas.

P.P.S. [editoral comment by Dad]- see this post at another blog to better appreciate Lydia’s “family landscape” 🙂

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