Deep down in your gut, you knew this…

As it turns out, the size of your gut doesn’t particularly matter either, at least in these studies.

Sweaty exercise reduces your cancer risk.

At least, it does in Finland during middle age.  (Swimming counts too- even though the sweat might not be visible.)  So here’s what I’m thinking about:

  • Sitting all day in front of this screen will kill me eventually
  • I do exercise, almost every day, but I don’t sweat enough
  • The time I spend exercising is well worth it, unless I just like the idea of being (marginally) richer and dead
  • As I get closer, it hurts more to exercise, therefore…
  • Bring on the hurtin’!!!

I guess this isn’t good news for you pain-averse types.  Frankly, my own, personal body isn’t thrilled with the news, either.  But then, who said life was easy?

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