The End of the World….. I mean Quarter Has Come

The End of the Quarter Has Come…….oh yeah…..dear family and friends too,

Mostly, the last week is here and then finals, which I won’t call a week because it is not. However, this is a first for me, since last quarter I only had one final and that was pretty easy, and this quarter I have four finals. Therefore, today you get an abbreviated version of my activities for the past week, and next week you probably won’t be hearing from me at all, as I doubt I’ll be able to unstick my face from my textbooks long enough to write an e-mail longer than “ask me after finals.” There is definitely nothing in the world quite like college ;)>

Tuesday- I took my second math midterm. If you want to know more about it, e-mail my dad, he would just love to tell you, but I’m not going to say anymore about it.

Wednesday – Rugby practice as usual, but tonight was very unusual. As most of you know I’m the B-side Hooker (that is a position, not an occupation ;)>), hookers are fronts, meaning the larger, usually shorter, people who stay in the front of things and do most of the tackling (as opposed to the backs to stay in the back, are the fast runners, and they are supposed to move the ball). But Wed. the coach put me with the backs and I had to learn completely new positions on the fly. I am not sure if he just wanted to see how I do as a back, or if he wants to change my position permanently. Honestly I don’t really mind either way, especially since being hooker can be rather spine compressing at times–think 7 people squishing you from behind, 8 people squishing from the front, and you’re trying to concentrate on keeping your body position while trying to hook the ball and keep from being compressed all at the same time.

Friday – after class I took a very meandering walk back to the dorms and went by Mirror Lake, where I was refreshed by nature and had fun watching very cute ducks yawn.

Saturday – I volunteered for 4 hours for the McCain primaries campaign. It was fun and meaningful, and now I have to go. Love you all!!

In Christ

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