Spring at OSU

SunsetHere’s some pictures from around campus. I am very glad I came to OSU, among other reasons, because of how beautiful it is in the spring. These first three pictures are 1) a picture of the sunrise from my window, I’m looking across the courtyard of my dorm complex and seeing the sun peak over part of the dorm building. 2) the sunset beside the main library, which is currently being renovated. 3) the oval (big green open space in the center of osu campus) around noon-time, full of students catching some sunshine and relaxing. The rest are self explanatory. Enjoy! Continue reading “Spring at OSU”

A Weekend of Rugby

Dear family and friends,

My first week back after spring break was the usual transition between my “normal life” attitude and my “studyharddon’tsleepgeteverythingdoneArrggg!” attitude. As I watched my family drive away Sunday night I felt pretty hollow and lonely inside, but by Monday morning I was more or less over not seeing them again for another two and a half months. It’s been pretty hard getting back in the swing of things though, because Continue reading “A Weekend of Rugby”


Dear friends and family,

Despite my better judgment, I’m going to write an update this week because so many cool things have happened. Most important and wonderfully exciting is we had a blizzard here in Columbus!!! It started snowing Friday morning, kept going through to Friday night, and by Saturday morning it was blizzarding and it didn’t really stop until Saturday evening. I can’t say what the average snow fall is or anything, but around my dorm it ranges between a foot and a foot and a half deep. The wind was blowing pretty hard the whole time, so the snow got moved around quite a bit.

Snow is so much fun!! and this is the first time I’ve been in so much snow (excluding a big snow we had when I was about 5 which I don’t remember very well). Friday evening I spent an hour sliding down a steep pathway, very very fun, and later that evening after my usual IFI potluck, a few other international students and I Continue reading “Blizzard”

The End of the World….. I mean Quarter Has Come

The End of the Quarter Has Come…….oh yeah…..dear family and friends too,

Mostly, the last week is here and then finals, which I won’t call a week because it is not. However, this is a first for me, since last quarter I only had one final and that was pretty easy, and this quarter I have four finals. Therefore, today you get an abbreviated version of my activities for the past week, and next week you probably won’t be hearing from me at all, as I doubt I’ll be able to unstick my face from my textbooks long enough to write an e-mail longer than “ask me after finals.” There is definitely nothing in the world quite like college ;)>

Tuesday- I took my second math midterm. If you want to know Continue reading “The End of the World….. I mean Quarter Has Come”

An Exciting Week

Greetings fellow conspirators (don’t ask, I just wanted to say something different),

I have had quite a week, and I’m sure your just withering away in your chair waiting to read about it since you were deprived of my brilliant and witty writing last week. Ahem……so anyway this week I got to meet General Abizaid, the recently retired CENTCOM commander (CENTCOM stands for Central Command, which is basically where all the top military decisions of the United States are made). He came to OSU to give a talk about the state of the Middle East and how Continue reading “An Exciting Week”

Happy New Year (Guo Nian Hao)

Happy New Year friends and family!

No, I have not mistaken the time, for the new year has just come around and up here there is much celebration. I am talking of course of the Chinese lunar new year which was on Thursday, Feb 7. The Asian community at OSU had many parties and it felt a lot like international new year, only all in Chinese ;)> This year is the year of the rat Continue reading “Happy New Year (Guo Nian Hao)”

A feeling of spring

Friends and Family,

This week I had a wonderful conversation over dinner with a friend of mine, named Hongmei, who is native to Qingdao, China. I met her through IFI; she is a respiratory doctor in China and is at OSU as a visiting scholar doing research. She is not a Christian, but is interested and impressed with Christianity which is why she has been attending the potlucks on Friday nights. We got together at the cafe in the RPAC and had dinner and talked about ourselves and about Qingdao. She is very nice and has said she would love to have me visit her family while I’m in Qingdao, and she wants to take me around and show me the sights!

I had my first Math midterm this week and, Continue reading “A feeling of spring”

Classes and Midterms

Busy week, and Midterms are coming up. I would say that this quarter is really my first quarter. Last summer and last fall were just a warm up, really. I don’t want to burden you with my woes (of which I have very few I’ll have you know, one of the few being sleep), but hopefully you’d like to hear about some more cheerful things.

This Tuesday I had to hand in my first draft of my report on Hu Jintao, the chairman of China. He is actually NOT president since that office does not exist in China. He is chairman of the three “branches” of the government: the political party chair, the military chair, and the legislative chair. It amounts up to about the same thing as president, but as I was very pointedly lectured by my illustrious Chinese professor Continue reading “Classes and Midterms”

Speaking in Tongues

Dear Friends and Family,

Sigh, every time I write to you I want to burst into the typing of exotic and foreign words that come so often from my mouth during the week. I just wish you all could understand them. You know, when God confused the languages at Babel, it was because the people were united against him in rebellion by one language. Now, in this present age, would God want all the world to speak one tongue? What would change if the whole world all spoke the same language? What would it be? Arabic? Chinese? English? (See I’ve planned it all out, either way I come out on the top since I’ll be able to speak all those languages :)>

But now, the language barrier is a barrier for the spreading of God’s word as well. Think of all the millions of hours and thousands of days spent by committed missionaries to translate God’s word into a different language so that those people can be saved. Communication is a funny thing, and that’s one reason I like it so much.

With communication in mind, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my last potluck at the IFI’s Friday night bible study. I met some new people (as always), and we had a wonderful bible study. After the bible study we broke up into our small discussion groups. My discussion group happens to be composed of Tom, the leader (American), me (American), and then four Chinese and one person from Singapore. We were discussing in Luke 9 where Christ asks Peter who Peter thought he was, and Peter says “The Christ of God.” And Jesus told him not to tell anyone. So we started discussing Continue reading “Speaking in Tongues”