An Exciting Week

Greetings fellow conspirators (don’t ask, I just wanted to say something different),

I have had quite a week, and I’m sure your just withering away in your chair waiting to read about it since you were deprived of my brilliant and witty writing last week. Ahem……so anyway this week I got to meet General Abizaid, the recently retired CENTCOM commander (CENTCOM stands for Central Command, which is basically where all the top military decisions of the United States are made). He came to OSU to give a talk about the state of the Middle East and how it affects us in the US. It was very interesting and later I got to go up and shake his hand ;)>

On Tuesday, I went to a McCain rally in downtown Columbus. It was much more fun than the Hillary rally for obvious reasons, the most obvious being that I actually agree with McCain on most things and I will be supporting him in the presidential race. I got to see him and hear him talk and I liked almost everything he said. In some ways I am still not quite sure about him, I hear very conflicting accounts from many different places, but I am certainly decided on who I will vote for. I will not vote for Huckabee not because I don’t like him (I don’t know much about him anyway) but because I don’t think Huckabee has a chance to win in the primary. So that was very exciting meeting the (hopefully) next president of the US. But even if he is not elected I am still really thankful for all the opportunities I have at OSU to get involved in politics, let my opinion be heard, and have a chance to support what I believe in.

Thursday I had dinner with two Chinese friends of mine, Vanessa and Alodie (their american names), who I hope to room with next year. We had a good time talking in English and Chinese and I really enjoyed getting to know them better. One thing I want to praise the Lord for is that Vanessa, who is not a Christian, has been asking me and Alodie (who is a Christian) for advice about things from a Christian standpoint and she has been coming to our Friday night bible studies. Please pray for Vanessa that God would open her heart and also that he would help her right now through some relationship trouble she is having.

At Friday night potluck I met two especially interesting people. One was a high-school student from Hong Kong, though he looked to me like he should still be in middle school. I was very impressed at someone so young coming all the way here from Hong Kong for a year as an exchange student and it reminded me of Livia, the Brazilian exchange student my family hosted for a semester. I also met a young man from Burkina Faso, Africa. His name was very hard to pronounce and he only said it once in a very low voice, so I can’t tell you what it is. But the exciting thing is that his native language is French!!! Yeah!! I hope he keeps coming because then I can practice my french a bit, and hopefully make him feel more at home. He seemed like a really nice guy, just kind of shy and not sure of himself.

Saturday I spent 6 hours at Rugby camp. Really it was just our team getting together with two other women’s rugby teams, one college team and a highschool team, to spend all day practicing technique and learning tactics. We had it at the ARC (Adventure Recreation Center) on campus. It was sooo much fun and I learned a lot, hopefully I’ll be able to remember it and use it in games. I definitely feel much better prepared to play games after this winter’s practice, and I’m pretty sure our games this spring will be much more fun than the ones in the fall (and hopefully we will win more ;)>). I also got to do a bit of rock climbing (the ARC has indoor rock climbing) and I found out that I am really weak 😉 yeah, I could only manage two different climbs before my arms gave out and I felt like I could barely pick up my bag anymore.

So, awesome week, very busy, and God has been taking care of me just like he always has and always will. Next week I’ve got another math midterm coming up and it is the 2nd to last week of the quarter!!! Thank you all for reading my updates, praying for me, and supporting me. It is so much more fun being at college when I can tell other people about my adventures. Love you all.

In Christ

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