Spring at OSU

SunsetHere’s some pictures from around campus. I am very glad I came to OSU, among other reasons, because of how beautiful it is in the spring. These first three pictures are 1) a picture of the sunrise from my window, I’m looking across the courtyard of my dorm complex and seeing the sun peak over part of the dorm building. 2) the sunset beside the main library, which is currently being renovated. 3) the oval (big green open space in the center of osu campus) around noon-time, full of students catching some sunshine and relaxing. The rest are self explanatory. Enjoy!
Sunrise  The Oval Daffodils closeup Daffodils and Pink tree Yellow Bush Oxley Hall blue flowers Kuhn House Boarding House Red TulipsPink Tree Squiggles

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  1. Alright, here are my picture “comments”. I especially like 3, 6, and 10-12. 3 has really interesting “lines” (of sight) in it, and I like how you didn’t center between the 2 paths. The others are all good centering/composition in my opinion. 7 would have been SO MUCH BETTER if the daffodil in the front had been the focus point. watch that. 2 and 8 aren’t really that interesting. 8 could have been if you’d gotten a lot closer to the blue flowers, maybe had a few large in the foreground and the rest stretching out into the distance. But from as far away as you were, it just looks like a lot of blue dots. 2, 4 and 5 are also a little grey. If you have iPhoto, edit them by bumping up the contrast just a little bit. That darkens the blacks and lightens the whites to make the greyscale wider, and it makes the picture look better. Ask me to explain Ansel Adams to you sometime – he was a genius.

    All in all, I like your pictures, they’re good beginning pics. 2 recommendations – TAKE OFF THE AUTOMATIC DATE!!!!! if you’re going for “photography”, it can only detract from the mood, both visually and emotionally. the second is just to think about sometimes not centering things. Portraits and formal shots should always be centered in my opinion (whether of people or not), but sometimes things can look cooler if they’re offset in the picture. Remember the rule of thirds for the horizon too. that rule would have made #3 a little better.

    love you 🙂 – big sis

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