Catholic Rebellion

We are not Catholics.  Although I have been to Roman Catholic services, I (and my family) find their fundamental doctrines flawed and in some ways containing serious error.  Nevertheless, on May 17th, we will stand with, and pray for, this Catholic rebellion.

The video is short, to the point and very well done.  I urge you to watch it.  It lays out a critical point for those of us who have believed for all our lives that govt. sanctioned execution of innocent people, no matter how young they might be, is a detestible evil with which we cannot compromise.  If you are unclear on this point, or unaware of it’s fundamental importance, watch the video, please.

Our Lord and his early disciples lived in an evil time, when the Roman government did not hesitate to inflict brutal and cruel punishment on tens of thousands whom they suspected of defying the emperor.  Rebellion was a serious matter, and taken very seriously.  Today, we must also heed Romans 13 and other clear teaching that defying our democracy, or openly working to overthrow it, is simply wrong.  Nevertheless, as the early Christian did while they marched to their graves, we cannot fail to stand against a popular president and all his minions.  May these students find great success in their respectful, yet principled, refusal to bow to the foolish decision of the Notre Dame leadership to honor a man who is completely unworthy of it.

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