Our president, the “assassin”

And we should be glad he is, and hope he will continue to be.

FACT:  The Predator Drone is working against al-Qaeda’s efforts to organize their attacks, by continuing to take out their leadership.  In the process, regrettably, innocent civilians have also been and will be killed, namely the ones who live with the al-Qaeda leadership (some unwillingly).  This is one of the wretched facts of war; this, of course, is another one.

FACT:  If the war on terror is merely a law enforcement action, and not a war which could threaten our security and integrity as a nation, then international law declares that Pres. Hussein is assassinating innocent foreigners, and the International Criminal Court at The Hague could have him arrested and tried, as they propose to do with the president of Sudan.  Whether any foreign country would cooperate with them is immaterial; if we are led by a proven assassin, there will be plenty of assassins planning and traveling to assassinate us.

FACT: Eric Holder, our current attorney general (appointed by Pres. Hussein), is working hard to force dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, into our civilian courts, using the argument that the US can’t just pick people to capture and hold indefinitely, with no hope of a trial.  In reality, we have been doing this during wartime since Pres. Washington did it during the Revolutionary War.  The difference is that this war could last for decades, or centuries.  This is not our choice, but rather that of the leaders of militant Islam.

The US president’s primary job is to protect our citizens, and to uphold the Constitution.  In spite of his mistakes, that’s exactly what Pres. Bush did for 7+ years.  There have been no more attacks on US soil.  As of today, Pres. Hussein is taking the advice of his military commanders and doing what is most effective is fighting those committed to attacking our cities with nuclear weapons packed in a truck.

FACT:  We must pray that tomorrow he won’t change his mind…

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