My wife won’t like this

Sorry, hun- we need to do politics for a moment.  Royal politics, that is.

I have a question, and a sincere one, for all of you out there who truly believe that hope and change must mean bigger (= trillions in King BHOdebt) government.  Please point out to me the single example worldwide of a successful, growing economy run by a king.  No, I don’t mean Saudia Arabia- they have vast holes in the ground gushing liquid greenbacks- the rest of us don’t have that.  I can’t think of one– can you?

This article makes the case that our current king (messiah?) is proposing that millions of bondholders and union members should accept almost worthless stock in exchange for their pensions, bonds, etc.  This is because he must “save” GM.  GM, Chrysler and others must make cars people won’t buy.  We, the taxpayers, must pay for all this.  This is to fix global warming, which China and India will not pay to fix.  Assuming we actually have the ability to fix it…

Presidents lead and persuade; kings dictate.  Is this really what we voted for?

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