Go here, and watch this video commercial about the Apple App Store.

OK… did you do it?  Did the video work??  [Send me a note if it didn’t, or post a comment with your e-mail– maybe I can help you fix it…]

ANYWAY- this is the most amazing commercial– I watched it once, it was so entertaining that I wanted to watch it over and over instead of going back to work.  How many commercials do that for you??  Microsoft is … toast, unless they can learn to market and promote their products as effectively as this company.  On top of that, the iPhone is simply the most amazing handheld computer I have ever seen ( …umm – it’s a phone as well.  Almost forgot… :-0)

I think I want one.  But I don’t want the dreaded Bellsouth (currently lurking behind a cloaking device deployed by AT&T) as my phone company.


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