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This is the promised addendum to our 2017 news update.  Hope you enjoy it!

As my parents began to forget things and struggle mentally a number of years ago, it became clear that they would need a more intensive “at home” care than we had planned on.  When both were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I remembered what Dad had done for his mother-in-law in a similar situation, and then realized Beth and I were going to start a business we weren’t qualified or trained to pull off: a mini-nursing home.  This past year, after Dad died in June and Mom in August, our careers Continue reading “Thomas Times Newsletter – More from TT”

An Addition

My goodness, nobody’s written anything here in months!  I suppose we are just a dull lot (or just very busy)  Anyway, I am writing to inform the world, or just our friends, of a new addition to the blog world.  Namely, mine.  Yes, I have decided to start my own blog, mostly because I need somewhere to put all my art pictures where they are accessible to anyone who might want to see them (fellow artists in other words)  So, if you feel like seen what I’m up to, you can go to Life With My Muse, and read all about it.


Go here, and watch this video commercial about the Apple App Store.

OK… did you do it?  Did the video work??  [Send me a note if it didn’t, or post a comment with your e-mail– maybe I can help you fix it…]

ANYWAY- this is the most amazing commercial– I watched it once, it was so entertaining that I wanted to watch it over and over instead of going back to work.  How many commercials do that for you??  Microsoft is … toast, unless they can learn to market and promote their products as effectively as this company.  On top of that, the iPhone is simply the most amazing handheld computer I have ever seen ( …umm – it’s a phone as well.  Almost forgot… :-0)

I think I want one.  But I don’t want the dreaded Bellsouth (currently lurking behind a cloaking device deployed by AT&T) as my phone company.


Another week

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, I had my arabic oral midterm on Thursday, and I think it went well. And, praise the Lord, our wonderful teacher moved our written to monday so I have more time to study. In my Chinese reading/writing class we have finished reading “The Lady in the Painting” an old chinese folk story (and a pretty good one I think) and now we are moving on more advanced text books. I turned in my comparative studies mid-term papers, I’ll get a grade on those next week. We are now moving on to Continue reading “Another week”