Brutal Dictatorship in action…

are you surprised?

Here is one man’s description of his anguish:

Before sunset on Monday, Mr. Yu walked along a river running past the eastern wall of the school compound. Peering over the wall, one could see piles of bricks and concrete all over the ground. He pointed out the few standing ruins of the main building. His daughter’s classroom had been on the fourth floor.

He said she had lived for two days after being buried alive, like some other students. She had even called out to him.

“We could hear them under the rubble,” he said. “We passed them milk and water, but it was no use.”

He smoked and stared at the debris.

If you are a parent, you should be tearing up right now…

Next month, as you watch the Olympics, remember what Mr. Yu has discovered about corruption in a dictatorship.

Democracy– the worst form of government on earth…

except for all the others.

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