Weirder education

Some of our friends send their children to the University of Louisville.  You may have heard of it; they won the Orange Bowl recently.  It seems that the students there can also get top scholarship input on black drag queens… courtesy of my tax dollars.

SO here’s my problem with this. Although I find gay drag disgusting, and wonder why it needs to be studied at U of L, I also have to wonder where all this is going:

  1. Will there eventually be a School of Drag funded by taxpayers, where students learn to be drag queens (AIDs and STDs included)?
  2. How does promoting the gay lifestyle, which this definitely does, fit with the overall mandate of a publicly supported university?
  3. Is it my imagination, or is there a double standard here?  No doubt riots would ensure should the KY Senate propose taxpayer funding of research on using 4D ultrasound machines to reduce abortions.  After all, this could be easily justified as a means of increasing the native-born proportion of KY citizens, with all the benefits of lower education costs (no English as a 2nd language), increased tax base (gays can’t help us there) and a reduction of mental health issues among women.
  4. Finally, is it really true that a majority of KY taxpayers wish to spend their tax dollars this way?  If so, why is there a KY constitutional provision which clearly limits the benefits and privileges of marriage to one actual man + one actual woman?

I am the father of a teenager

who will soon begin applying to colleges.  We have discussed the possibility of a state school, because such a course of action does offer some advantages.  Why, exactly, should we consider U of L?  Or any higher institution, for that matter, which seems to be in the business of aggressively promoting a lifestyle which is inherently destructive?  For those who doubt this fact, here are some statistics to consider:

Average life-span of a gay male: 44 years
Average life-span of a gay female: 49 years
% of gay men in the general population: 1.8%
% of HIV carriers that are gay: 60%
% of gay men that contract venereal disease: 75% (vs 17%,
general pop)
% of gay men that contract a VD annually: 40% (vs 2%,
general pop)
% of gay men who are addicted to drugs: 51% (vs 7%,
general pop)
% of gay men who have a major psychological disorder: 40%
(vs. 3%, general pop)
% of gay men who are infected with:
Amebiasis: 35% (Inflamation of the rectum)
Giardiasis: 20% (chronic diarrhea, nausea)
Gonorrhea: 60%
Shigellosis: 15% (colonic and intestinal ulcers)
Chlamydia: 10%
Syphilis: 30%
“Crabs”: 69%
Condylomata: 60% (anal warts)
Scabies: 22%
Herpes: 15%
Hepatitis A: 16%
Hep B: 27%
HIV +: 30% (As high as 50% in San Francisco)
AIDS: 10%

(see this discussion for more)

No doubt these views brand my family as insensitive and homophobic.   That, my friend, is the beauty of a democracy; we can have very different views, yet as long as discussion is open and the law is obeyed, we can agree to disagree.

Let U of L promote the lifestyles their Board and faculty value.  But don’t ask my family to pay for it…

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