A New Experience

Dear friends and family,

Sorry about the delay, I’ve been filming a movie. Really. My Chinese class is making a short movie for the Asian Festival next Saturday, and we were filming most of today, from about 10 am -3pm. And then yesterday, I spent 13 hours at the Columbus Rock on the Ranges concert, in which I was a staff member/security personnel. It was very fun, but such a long day and I could barely walk by the end of it because my heels and soles of my feet were so sore. It was very fun, but everybody was pretty well behaved so nothing very exciting happened. I think the funnest part of the evening was when I was doing crowd control in front of one of the stages, with ear plugs in, and the music/bass was so loud that my whole body was vibrating with it and I could feel the music in my bones. Other than that I did a lot of standing around, walking around, and answering the questions of clueless rock concert goers.

So, once again my weekend is mostly gone, and I haven’t gotten any homework done at all. Suffice it to say, that is all I’m going to say ;)>

Have another great week

In Him
Lydia Thomas

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