1st graders in the kitchen

Nembrotha kubaryanaWhat happens when you give a bunch of kids in the kitchen some broccoli, Playdoh and brightly colored paint?  How about … sea slugs!  In this image by David Doubilet, you have to ask your self what exactly you’re looking at.  Is that branchie looking thing in the back a tail, or lungs?  Actually, kids aren’t likely to create anything this beautiful, and neither is Lady Random Chance, in my view.  To see these guys in all their glory, along with lots of their friends, check out this National Geographic gallery.

One Reply to “1st graders in the kitchen”

  1. Thats really funny, because I just saw those guys in the national geographic magazine I picked up in the pharmacy while I was waiting for my prescription to be filled. And you know what I was thinking? “Wow, I wish those were insects so I could catch them and put them in my collection!”

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