Ticking on towards summer

Ok, here’s me catching up on posting my updates, this is last week, so you’ve probably already read it in an e-mail

Dear Friends and Family,

Yes, I believe I got a little more sleep this week, thank you very much. I had a Chinese oral presentation Monday and an Arabic quiz Friday, but that was the extent of my difficulties this week. Next week I have another psych midterm, but it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m also busy with the never ending task of applying for scholarships, which even though I don’t get most of them, it is good writing experience.

Really the only exciting thing that happened this week was that I spent all day yesterday up in Kent Ohio volunteering along with my rugby team at a high-school rugby tournament. This was a recruiting event for us, and we helped out with setup, admin stuff, game stuff, and cheering on the high-schoolers. Ok, so when I was in high-school I was ticked that college kids thought of me as ‘little’, since I certainly felt like I was just as big and responsible as they were. But, of course, now that I’m a college student, I really can’t help but look at high-schoolers and think “wow, those guys are so little!” Not necessarily size of course, I really should us the word ‘young’. College really does a lot to change a person, and people who haven’t yet gone to college really just don’t know. Anyway, there all good kids. I was actually pretty upset all day yesterday because there were all these rugby games going on and I WASN’T IN THEM!! I wanted to play so badly, to go out there and hit someone, but alas it was not possible.

Other than that I’m busy as a bee, happy as a clam, and tired as an old horse. Praise the Lord. Everyone have a great week!!

In Christ


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