Post of praise

A funny thing happened on the way to graduation (my daughter’s, not mine). We got her a Nikon D50 for a graduation present, and she started taking lots of pictures. The pictures are great, the camera is great, we should be happy. Ah… I, specifically, should be happy. Not happy- exactly- because now the camera’s doing the talking (metaphorically, shall we say) and the long posts about what’s going on in the head have become leaves, and such. Therefore, I was majorly pleased to find this post, which is about work, words and CSI Las Vegas. Having been to her house, sat on the couch and tried to work on my laptop when someone was watching a movie, I can relate. More importantly, this post gives “back story” and context to her many excellent pictures, which (have I said this already?) I do really like. Therefore, thank you so much, Sarah!!! Yes, posts with words are excellent things- posts with words and pictures are more so, and posts with words about the actual pictures in the post are nirvana. (Short titles under big pictures don’t exactly count– you know what I mean 🙂

My wife just got a Nikon D40 as her early/late (first starting getting $ for it about 5 years ago) Christmas present. Unlike Sarah, she is very deliberate about figuring out all the buttons, knobs, complicated menus, etc. She has 5 pictures so far, and I dare not try to get any of them out of the thing to post here… she growled at me the other day when I just checked a number on the SD card! I’m looking forward to many beautiful pics on our blog because of it, but I won’t be taking any of them. Do you see a connection here yet? Cameras are genetic, is the way I’d put it.

Pictures are great. Pictures with lots of words are even better.

I’ll take a pass on CSI- give me a good detective story, instead.

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