The Obvious … isn’t

Eagle F-16 with ONE WINGTake a close look at this fighter plane. Do you see anything unusual?

One of the things that makes living in America in the 21st century a challenge is something I’ll call inscrutible complexity. That is, some things seem simple or manageable, but when you actually try to do them, you get lost. I have business clients, for instance, who look at a computer screen as they try to figure out how to do something, and they’re toast. They are looking at the same screen I am, but they are overwhelmed by all the information and can’t make sense of it. Something like that has, I believe, happened with US foreign policy in the last decade. So many things are going on, and they seem so complex and dangerous, that the average voter just wants to “get the troops out of there”, come home and be done with it.

I recently read at article at that is thoroughly fascinating! In it, the author brings together an obscure engineer in the years after WW2, the airplane you see here, and the current conflict in Iraq. If you read it, you’ll find out why the Israeli pilot who was flying this jet when it collided with another plane and lost one wing (on the left) was still able to land it and walk away. You will also understand much better how we are currently winning in Iraq (which may be a surprise to you, since the media is loath to talk about it) and how we can win in Afghanistan and beyond. The article is here— take 15 min. to read it.

To make sure you will take my advice, here’s the bonus question: what is swordlessness, and why do we want to practice it?

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