Screeched to a halt

Upon returning from picking up Serena at work early Friday morning (she is temporarily caring for the dogs at the kennel in the morn, too), Ted noticed an unusual, brown lump in the road near our driveway. He went back to investigate, after turning into our drive, and returned to deposit the said brown lump in Serena’s lap. It was a screech owl! It had evidently flown into a car, and had the good fortune to land in the center of the lane such that car tires straddled it as they passed. It did not have the good fortune to be uninjured from the crash, however. Ted and Serena rigged up a perch for it in a critter cage we had. It sat on the perch in a dazed but quiet condition all the while it was at our house. It would look at us out of its left eye, but kept the right eye closed.

Saturday, we were going in to Louisville anyway, and were able to make contact with Raptor Rehab. of KY, which is based there. The director informed us that this is “hit-by-car screech owl season”! It happens every year, because they are more active, presumably courting. There were 6 cages lined up in the back already, containing hit screech owls. Unfortunately, the volunteers weren’t encouraging about our owl’s prospects, due to the blood in its throat, the damaged eye, and the bloody stool it had while at our house (internal injuries). At least it will be in the care of folks who know what to do for it.

Here’s the poor little fellow, in our cage, and at the rehab. center.

Injured screech owl in our cage

being examined by Raptor Rehab. volunteer

And here’s your tidbit for the day: In Raptor Rehab’s newsletter that they gave us, one of the articles was about barn owls. Did you know that they are nicknamed “the flying mousetrap,” and that they can catch more mice in a night than 10 cats??? Imagine!

Post of praise

A funny thing happened on the way to graduation (my daughter’s, not mine). We got her a Nikon D50 for a graduation present, and she started taking lots of pictures. The pictures are great, the camera is great, we should be happy. Ah… I, specifically, should be happy. Not happy- exactly- because now the camera’s doing the talking (metaphorically, shall we say) and the long posts about what’s going on in the head have become leaves, and such. Therefore, I was majorly pleased to find this post, which is about work, words and CSI Las Vegas. Having been to her house, sat on the couch and tried to Continue reading “Post of praise”

Danger in the leaves…

Authorities are warning leaf-rakers in the north-central KY to be on the lookout for a man-eating tarp. Last spotted in the ShelbyvilleMan-eating tarp area, it approaches from the rear and quickly engulfs it’s victim before anyone can react. This poor soul, for instance, was gobbled up in a matter of seconds; rescuers only recovered the boots and a few tuffs of hair. The tarp apparently slinks along the ground on the edges of a yard, and jumps out from behind when the raker is walking away. One expert on the subject of man-eating tarps has done some research which suggests that if rakers periodically swing their arms in a circle above their heads and “woop-woop” like wild savages, the disoriented tarp will wander into the nearest ravine and get tangled up in the bushes.

A reward is being offered for the capture of this particular tarp. If and when it is spotted, everyone should immediately surround it, wave their arms frantically, woop in their most frightening voices and keep up the din while someone else calls 911 on their cell phone. If, while waiting for the police, it approaches anyone in an aggressive manner, all present must join hands, howl like wolves and stomp on the tarp with all of their collective feet. Since it can only swallow one victim at a time, this will stun it and prevent a disastrous outcome.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Fall has finally fallen

Dear friends and family,

Well, fall has truly come to OSU campus, and the war is in full swing. What?….you don’t know about the war? It is an epic battle of mighty proportions that I see raging back and forth across the campus. The sides are not equally matched, and I fear that those who fight for good on campus shall be overpowered and ground to shreds. Haha, I hope I’m confusing you >;)>. I’m speaking of the heated battle between the groundskeepers and the falling leaves. The beautiful, many colored fall leaves are swirling and falling all over campus, making everything beautiful, as if covered with a weird colored snow (hmmm, maybe not). Anyway, it is the hight of my fall experience to swish through fallen, crackly leaves on the way to class.

However, it seems that the powers that be on campus are not an open minded and nature loving bunch. They’ve sent their lackeys (groundskeepers) out on a quest to gather and destroy all rebellious leaves who refuse to stay up in their trees. I see the evil work being done every day, and I long to pause in my hurried rushing from class to class in order to lend a hand to the poor leaves.

Despite the fact that I know the leaves will eventually be overcome, they Continue reading “Fall has finally fallen”

California, Sep 6-13

Not the most interesting title, but then I’m trying to talk myself into actually writing this post. I’ll post some pictures, and make a few comments, because a picture is worth a thousand words, anyway, right? I guess the reason for this trip was family togetherness, though not the way you might think. Ted was taking a business trip and didn’t want to be there alone. He persuaded Beth to go along, and Serena wasn’t about to stay home while Mom and Dad were gallivanting around in California! As it turns out, she wouldn’t have been alone, for Lydia was there during her month off between SPEAC school and the start of freshman year at OSU. Lydia most conveniently house-sat and tended all the various life forms in our absence.
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