Another week

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, I had my arabic oral midterm on Thursday, and I think it went well. And, praise the Lord, our wonderful teacher moved our written to monday so I have more time to study. In my Chinese reading/writing class we have finished reading “The Lady in the Painting” an old chinese folk story (and a pretty good one I think) and now we are moving on more advanced text books. I turned in my comparative studies mid-term papers, I’ll get a grade on those next week. We are now moving on to Judaism, Catholicism and Christianity. It will be interesting to study those religions from a different point of view. We also decided on our group topics. The equivalent of our final in this class is a group presentation, about 30 min long, on a religion of our choice. We are in groups of four, and my group is researching Wicca. I will be very interested to learn more about this group. What I have just found out this weekend is that Wicca has nothing to do with satan or satanism. Indeed, they do not even believe in the devil (or God for that matter). They are a nature based religion that has a lot to do with natural magic, moon stuff, and gods and goddesses.

Ok, rugby. Yesterday was our last game of the season, and we lost again :(. However, we only lost by 10 points instead of 20-30, which was the case in previous games. We have a long way to go as a teem, and hopefully we will improve over the winter. I still am not sure about the whole rugby thing. I do enjoy it, somewhat, but it doesn’t seem like the best use of your time. I could get better exercise by myself, and a lot less injuries. I am going to stick with it, however, for at least a year because I think the teem experience is important.

Four more weeks to Thanksgiving, and then I’ll get to see most of you all. Time is sort of flying by, but that is the way of life. That’s why you have to enjoy every day and every class (which I do) instead of always looking forward to break and wishing it were all over. Good thing I love school so much ;)>

In Christ

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