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This is the promised addendum to our 2017 news update.  Hope you enjoy it!

As my parents began to forget things and struggle mentally a number of years ago, it became clear that they would need a more intensive “at home” care than we had planned on.  When both were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I remembered what Dad had done for his mother-in-law in a similar situation, and then realized Beth and I were going to start a business we weren’t qualified or trained to pull off: a mini-nursing home.  This past year, after Dad died in June and Mom in August, our careers as nursing home operators finally came to an end.  The Lord’s grace was there!

  • Because Dad was a successful farmer who hardly ever spent money (except for his kids education and the rare new car), he had resources when he needed them.
  • Because I have an amazing, lovely and organized wife, who is good with people and willing to help, we had a built-in team leader and bookkeeper.
  • Because Barbara Frank, my parent’s housekeeper for many years was willing to drive an hour one way to run periodic shifts (and co-ordinate shifts with as many as 10 other staff), we survived the 24/7/365 responsibility of keeping track of patient needs.
  • Because the largest rural WiFi network in the midwest is headquartered down the road, and Dad was able to finance a wireless tower in his yard, I could install 7 real-time security cameras to watch over my parents from anywhere in the U.S.
  • Because the Lord worked it out that the family mansion we lived in for 26 years was sold in 2014 to a business partner, Beth and I could move into my parent’s basement to oversee nursing operations.
  • Because the Lord answered prayer and kept us from serious mistakes with narcotics and other nursing home pitfalls, we kept things going till the end, allowing both Mom and Dad to die in their own beds, surrounded by staff who truly loved them.

Our church family at Community Pres. was also a huge help, and they loved and helped with Ben Allen and Emily whenever they could.  Looking back on 2016, this was probably the biggest change in my life.  But… there were lots of other things going on too.

Look for these topics in posts over the next week or two:

  1. A mortgage-financed house built out of straw?  You’re talking 3 little pigs on steroids, right??…
  2. My grandfather started a general partnership in 1948 with his two sons.  Today, hardly anybody operates under a general partnership.  After 8 years of trying to divide the assets in this one, with many, many thousands spent on lawyers and accountants, I can tell you all about why.
  3. It was a crazy year politically, and as an avid consumer of national news, I was in the thick of it.  On the evening of Nov. 8th, about 7:30pm, I looked at my smartphone & realized something really amazing was happening.  I didn’t go to bed until 3am the next morning…
  4. They say to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.  But what about your frienemies?  Might they be important in your life as well?

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