Hedge Funds vs. the Sage of Omaha

I’ve been enjoying my recent subscription to the WSJ, and today I found this short video clip about a $1M challenge between Buffett and a hedge fund manager (who gets paid whether his investors make $ or not). In 2007 Buffett called him and his tribe out, saying they were ripping off their clients with high fees, and claiming that an index fund (which tracks the S&P 500 exactly, for instance) would do better over 10 years. Now, ten years later, the contest is coming to a close and … which side is winning? Check the video to find out: http://on.wsj.com/2lzTvUY

Hint: the hedge fund guy moans that 2007 – 2017 was an “unusual period”. Did the S&P think it was unusual?? Ha!

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