A terrible earthquake, apparently building up pressure over hundreds of years, has practically destroyed the capital city of Haiti.  Over 200,000 people, some having died in agony after hours under the rubble, have been dumped in mass graves because there simply wasn’t time to bury them properly.  Many more are terribly injured or suffering from the deepest poverty, because they have nothing left, and they are in line with thousands of others who have nothing left.  But… as my daughter recently commented, this just doesn’t seem fair.  Haiti always seems to get the short end of the stick; they have been in poverty for centuries, and are today the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  Why them?


OK, at this point, I assume some of you are rolling your eyes, or getting that queasy feeling, or setting you jaw a little bit as you begin to turn your head to do something else instead of reading this, and in the bit of a moment before you leave I would like to just say … bye.

For the rest of you, read this (click on the first link).   Please understand: as the article you just read states, this isn’t about race.  This Haitian man nearly became my son-in-law, and I am not racist.  In fact, the Haitian people have made a choice, and I take that choice very seriously.  As a result, I must point out how seriously the Son of God takes demons.  He not only witnessed Satan’s fall from heaven, He most certainly caused it.  Yet the Haitian poor have enslaved themselves to the fear of these wretched outcasts, and ignored or rejected the Lord who conquered demons and would make Haitians who trust Him conquerors, too.  Does this make me, or any American, better than they?  Most certainly not!!  Yet in America, we do not teach voodoo, or that our children must fear the demons every day.  We have many sins, but that is not one of them (yet).

If you can help Haiti, do so.  They certainly need it.  Help them by recognizing that a cultural trust in demons must always lead to poverty & death, and that the keystone of their national redemption isn’t boatloads of UN aid or thousands of earnest volunteers.  It is true repentance, rejection of their demon gods and faithful embrace of the gospel of Jesus the Christ, Lord and Conqueror of all voodoo shadows.

By the way, my friend– what about you?

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