Sorrow again

Some of you know our story.  Death paid a very personal and jarring visit to our home in 2005; you can read more about it here.  Last week, our first grandchild, growing in the womb of our daughter, Sarah Hartman, went to heaven.  I found out the next day, and the piercing sadness of expectations dashed and a relationship gone was back.  I cried some.  I praised God for the person I would not know in this life.  I was sad.

This week, in response to the whispers about how she really might be feeling, Sarah wrote this post on her blog.  It is well done, and worth reading for anyone who has looked death in the face (or feared doing so) and found themselves complaining about it.  Beth is fine; I am doing better, but am still sad.  Sarah & Rainey are setting the example.

I hate death.  Is that OK?

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