Caribou and SNL

Folks, it take a lot to get me to watch TV.  I kissed it goodbye almost 40 years ago, and my life has been full of exciting times, productive work, lots of books and movies and thousands of conversations with live people.  In a word, TV (generally) is for the brain dead.  If you’re feeling a little offended right now, I suggest you … take a hike 😉  If you’re still here, however, I must confess that I just watched the following TV clip, it was so fun!  This is a truly classy lady, in the snake pit with the Saturday Night Live crew, and the spoof she did of herself was just great.  Make no mistake: the large majority of these people hate her guts.  Yet there she was, smiling and having a bit of fun spoofing Tiny Fey spoofing herself, and the contrast was absolutely night and day.

May God have mercy on us and bring justice and truth to the SNL world.  May Vice President Palin come back to this snarky, hate-filled mouthpiece of the left and do it again!!

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