Iraq — remember that war?

The coming election will be about the economy, we are told, and we roll our eyes and ponder that thought as the price of gasoline begins to approach the price of gold (or so it seems). Global warming tax hikes, summer gas tax rollbacks, economic woes, housing foreclosures, even starving horses all over the west (because their owners can no longer afford to feed them)– it’s the economy, everybody!

Read this article. Yes, I know, you are sick and tired of the “Bush lied” war, but still, your tax dollars and the blood of your neighbor’s sons and daughters is being spent to finish it. Have you read the article yet? Regardless, in case you haven’t, the point is that basically everything is going right and all the important goals are being accomplished. Can it all blow up again? Of course– this is war, not a sewing bee. Yet, the validation for the success of the current surge and the overall effort is coming from the news source which we all “trust”. The quotes are in place for a good reason, but in this case, we really can trust the Mainstream Media. They have largely stopped talking about the tragic mistake of Iraq! When things were bad, and Iraq was an effective weapon to beat Bush on the head, it’s all we heard. Now– listen for a moment. That’s right. All you hear about now is the economy…

My friends and fellow countrypersons, please consider this: if the price of gas should hit $7/gal, life will be hard, but it won’t kill 10,000 New Yorkers in a blinding flash. If we lose in Iraq, and Iran reads our defeat (correctly) as the choke of a former superpower with no stomach for another war, the anguish won’t be at the gas pump. The gas pumps will have disappeared in the blaze of a terrorist nuke, and our lives will be forever changed.

We fight them there, or they nuke us here… it’s our choice.

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  1. Lindsay says:
    June 10, 2008 at 3:51 pm | edit

    “We fight them there, or they nuke us here… it’s our choice.” Quite an emphatic summary statement, my friend.

    I believe Mr. Aboobajob (nutcase president of Iran- I refuse to spell his name correctly) has been equally emphatic. He has made perfectly clear that Israel will soon cease to exist, he WILL have nuclear energy/weapons come what may, and he is plenty smart enough to know that the US military stands in his way.

    Blackmail is an amazing process when you use tactical nukes carried by suicide teams as bargaining chips…

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