A Knife Somewhere

Two luminaries of the Democratic Party are now endorsing Hillary Clinton as the ideal VP pick for BHO, the presumptive Democratic candidate for president. Her “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling” are given as the primary reason, meaning the 18M+ voters who chose her over Obama. The fear, of course, is that some portion of those voters will switch to the GOP, out of spite or a genuine mistrust of a man who has virtually no foreign policy, economic or military experience.

Sen. Obama will not be consulting this blog for advice, I’m sure, but perhaps a few of his supporters might. To them I offer a caution– be careful of what you wish for. The Clintons are career politicians and serious as a heart attack; no one should assume, as I am sure BHO must be aware, that a senator who has already “done” co-president for 8 years will be satisfied and compliant in the VP role. Add to this the new first vice-husband (who was president for 8 years), and the Clinton tag team as a giant distraction comes into focus. Finally, what about the knife? No– I’m not suggesting the idea of a murder plot in the west wing; the Clintons are far to smart and experienced for that. This would be the “political” knife, the deep cover campaign, the top secret plot to find a weak spot and, at the time and place of their choosing, spring the leak that will send the Obama presidency into a tailspin. Would they do that? Would Bill and Hill risk their own skins and the prospects of the Democratic Party for years to come, in a effort to get back the office that everyone assumed was Hillary’s for so long?

As an aid to answering that important question, here’s a short list of what Team Clinton has indeed done (and I am sure I’m forgetting a few things):

  1. Sexual assault while controlling the victim by biting and holding her upper lip
  2. Oral sex with an intern (she’s on her knees) in the Oval Office
  3. An affair with a male staffer who later commits suicide in mysterious circumstances which have still not been fully explained
  4. Lying under oath by finessing the definition of “is”
  5. Asking donors to trust them with multi-millions of campaign donations after one of them has had his law license suspended due to professional misconduct and mal-practice
  6. Promising specific favors to a large donor (who was being videotaped, with audio) in exchange for campaign contributions
  7. Pretending to be in mortal danger from sniper fire when multiple news cameras are instead taping her accepting flowers from children

There’s a knife out there somewhere, folks. How good at political self-defense does Sen. Obama think he is? Passing up a Clinton vice-presidency won’t prove that he is a genius, but accepting one can only be described by the word spelled like this– st_p_d.

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  1. Ted, thanks for posting on this topic. Hope Obama has enough sense not to choose Hillary as a running mate though that team would certainly be a history making event. Hoping that McCain chooses Huckabee.

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