Chenoweth Academy in the Sentinel News

A reporter spent some time recently with Beth and Serena, and this article is the result. Here are some comments from Beth about what was published and what the process was like from her angle:

This interview was actually an interesting experience. After I mentioned that my middle daughter was studying Chinese and Arabic, the reporter, Nathan, volunteered that he had spent 2 years in China as a missionary. I assumed that he was a Christian (though Mormon is also possible), and as a result he understood where we were coming from much better that the reporter who interviewed Sarah about 12 – 14 years ago. The published results were pretty much an accurate reflection of what we said, though only a tiny fraction of what we talked about. No doubt, the article was cut way back by the editor, since I think Nathan interviewed more than 2 families.

One point: girls, please notice the “hook,” or beginning sentences that draw you into the rest of the article (in which Serena is featured, by the way). We studied this technique, and Nathan does a good job of using it.

By the way, our picture was in the paper, too, although it doesn’t show up on the website. Lydia and Sarah, you can see it when you come home next month.

Editor’s Note: Providentially, here is an article which clearly lays out the benefits of a choice in the education market.  In our case, the choice is “home”.

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  1. The most interesting fact in the article for me was the number of home school children in Shelby County. If you haven’t read it, take a guess: 25, 55, 100? Nope… I think you’ll be surprised.

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