Barack Obama is white!

Stanley Ann DurhamThere… I’ve been struggling with this for months, and now I’ve said it. So, before you click past, aghast at such umbrage, may I point out a simple fact: Sen. Obama’s mother is white. Of course, his father is a black man from Africa, making him very precisely an “African-American”. Nevertheless, with inter-racial parentage, it stands to reason that he is just as much white as black. In truth, he is mulatto, a term I became more familiar with in the first stages of Sarah’s courtship with Dani Auguste. (In Haiti, by the way, these folks are typically from the upper classes and are given respect as a matter of course.) This tension was brought to mind while reading this article today from the Wall Street Journal, and I think it makes an excellent point. Somehow, Sen. Obama’s vision and eloquence bring to mind the possibility that black culture can rise from the slime pit much of it has fallen into, having been led there by various misogynist rap artists and career thugs. “Change… hope…” – deep within, many blacks and not a few whites may well hope that Obama can break the mold and serve as a role model for fatherless black youth.

Alas. Skin color is not character, and ideas have consequences. I applaud the courage of Sen. Obama’s vision, but I find myself implacably opposed to the far-left liberal solutions and programs he advocates. Though he himself may be a shrewd leader of impeccable character, the godless socialism which under girds his policies has been tried and found fatally wanting for more than a century. Today, with nuclear terrorists only months or a few years away, America cannot afford to take a “left” turn, however attractive it looks from a distance. If we turn our attention inward and attempt once again to build the (largely failed) Great Society of Lyndon Johnson, Osama (also a man with fierce dedication to a grand vision) will sigh with relief, while preparing for his next successful attack. Islamic terrorists are ready to wage centuries of truck bomb warfare; are we ready for them to do it here?

Democracies tend to elect the leaders they deserve. Oh Lord, have mercy on us…

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