The first week of 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

Wow, it has been an amazing week. I am very glad we started back school on a Thursday and just had two days of school before the weekend, because I don’t think I was ready to just jump back into school for a whole week.

I had a wonderful holiday, thank you, and I hope you did too. My family was here (meaning home in KY) from California, Colorado, and England, and we had a wonderful Christmas week. We ate out almost every night! I am surprised, or rather not suprised, at how tiring eating out can get when you do it all the time. If it was just me I wouldn’t of done it, but the point of eating out was to fellowship with each other, so it was worth it.

New Years Eve some members of my church hosted a new years eve medieval ball at our church building. It was originally one of the grownups idea, and she tried to get the teenagers to organized it, but since she was such a good organizer herself (and the teenagers were lazy and busy) she ended up doing it all. It was mostly a youth thing, though some old people showed up too ;)> The evening was wonderful, we had lots of dancing and good food and wonderful costumes all around, I hope we do it every year.

I drove back to school (actually my wonderful mother drove me back) on Wed and tried to get ready for my classes. Thursday morning I jumped right in, and it was cold! Literally, we had about 3 inches of snow in Columbus, and it was around 10 deg. in the morning. I was actually happy as a clam with all the snow, and I don’t mind the cold very much. Unfortunately, by Saturday it had warmed up and rained and all the snow is gone now :(.

This quarter I have Math at 7:30, Chinese speaking 10:30, Chinese writing 12:30, and Arabic 3:30. All my classes went better than I expected on Friday (the first day we get graded in anything). Except maybe math. They skipped the whole first chapter of the book because it is review, but, not having done math in two years, I need the review. So I’m trying to do my homework while jumping back to the review section. I really just need to do the whole review chapter, but, what do you know, I don’t have time.

Friday night I went to the potluck dinner and bible study of IFI- International Friendships Inc. It is a Christian organization that reaches out to international students. I had an amazing time. The food was about half asian, since about half the people there were asian, with a mixture of Indian, European, and Brazilian. I became instantly popular with the Chinese international students as soon as they figured out I could speak Chinese, and I had a good time trying to learn all their names, English and Chinese! We ate, sang some praise songs, had a bible study (Luke chpt 8), and then played games till about 11pm.

Saturday I just did homework all day. Really, all day, from 8 am – midnight, with an hour break around 3pm to go get groceries. Of course I had to take little 5-10 minute breaks ever hour or so, or I would have gone crazy. I got a lot of homework done, but not all of it:(.

Everybody have a great week, students study hard, grownups take it easy (remember all work no play makes you grumpy and less inclined to buy that ipod for your kid, which they have all been asking me to convince you to buy them…..just kidding). Pray that I would survive this next week (rugby practice starts on Tue.), and hopefully you’ll hear back from me next Sunday.

In Christ,


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