The License Plate Game

O.K., you’ve all played it, right? On a long trip, you have your kids keep track of all the different state license plates you can find. I forgot to write about it related to our trip to VA, but Serena and I did this in June. On an 11- day trip, driving through only 4 states, we found 44 states — all but Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Of course, we did drive slowly through the whole parking area at Monticello, and we did the same each day we left a symposium at the conference hotel in Williamsburg. There were people there from all over the U.S.! It brought back memories of many other trips. Hey, Sarah and Lydia, we even found a North Dakota license. See? North Dakota DOES exist! (Inside family joke).

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  1. Ahh, yes, the memories. I remember well how we would start out every summer to go to grandmas all keyed up to get all the license plates, but by the second day we were pretty bored with it. And yes I know north Dakota exists, since I sent money to the right for life campaine that teen pact was supporting a couple months ago.

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