The New New Atheism

God and Mr. HitchensSo what is a follower of the Warrior King doing linking this article about a thoroughly entertaining atheist named Christopher Hitchens? The same being a man who is making mounds of money ridiculing belief in any sort of God (god) and all such witless and benighted souls who profess the same? Well… read the article for yourself. Seriously– go ahead. If you can also check out the book and read it, I envy you, for I wish I had the time to do so. Finally, to get the flavor of my enjoyment of all this, read Psalm 2:4,5.


a) Mr. Hitchens is right, in which case his dust will need to figure out a way to stick it’s tongue out at my dust or

b) A terrifying version of Mr. Hitchens’ perfect nightmare will come true and, with some effort no doubt, I will be able to control my mirth at his reaction to the God-Who-does-not-exist.

In the meantime, I am mindful of my natural bent. Though I am certainly not as brilliant, erudite, or successful as Mr. H., I am certainly capable of his measure of arrogant unbelief toward my Creator. Were it not for the Lord’s unmerited favor, perhaps I would even top him. But for grace, there go I…

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