The dogs point of view

With all this talk of the queen – i mean, the cat, I feel like it might be time to talk about the dogs a little bit. Do any of you wonder how they are? I have it on good authority (*coughserenacough*) that the dogs are “surpassingly adorable”. Here is their daily thought pattern, courtesy of the word magician that is my little sister:

Copper – “pet my tummy, play with Ginny, look as cute as possible.” He’s also big, floppy, lazy, slobbery, cute, and sometimes he thinks about jumping on you (except he’s really too lazy to do it).

Ginny – “eat copper’s food, jump on copper, look as cute as possible.” She’s also sedate, cute, and beautiful.

and a short update on the other animals: “Miss Priss is as prissy as usual (she wines when ever someone gets the milk out) and spends most of her time inside or on the bird feeder trying to get inside. Azeem is as loud, fussy, cute, and fluffy as usual.”

k, that’s my and serena’s contribution to the blog for this month.

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