Can we win this thing in Iraq (and why should you care?)…

Democrats, Republicans, Independents… even our enemies agree that the U.S. should get out of Iraq. The question is whether we should tuck our tails like dogs and run away, or leave on our timetable as the victors who have built a functioning democracy which will help us (in some form) deal with Iran. The article linked under “News” on the left, and here, makes a persuasive case for the latter, based on the ongoing success in the latest efforts in and around Baghdad. In fact, I am greatly encouraged to read that we are learning from our mistakes (and there have been many) and using our superior logistics and soldier intelligence to our advantage.

As the defeatist chorus grows louder in the media, please remember something. Although tragic, our troop loss in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else in the Long War is still less that the number lost on one day in WW2. Back then, our enemies didn’t have nuclear weapons; during the Cold War, our enemies had them but wouldn’t fire because they had too much to lose. Today, Iran has made it perfectly clear that they have nothing to lose (martyrs go to heaven) and everything to gain (incineration of the vile Jews) by committing national, nuclear suicide. So… where do we fight them? Over there, or in your back yard?

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