Trip post addendum

O.K., I can hear you saying, “That post was so long, how can she possibly have more to say?”  Never fear, just one addendum and a correction.

First, I did find my mystery perennial when I got to Williamsburg.  I typed it, but that part was lost during one of my computer’s obstinate snits.  I talked to the gardener, who informed me that what I described wasn’t a true lavender, but a plant called “gray santolina.”   Anybody ever heard of that?   I think the foliage is the same, so I bought 3.  We’ll be absolutely sure when they bloom!  The blooms are yellow globes about the size of marbles, and contrast nicely with the gray-green foliage.
Second, my brother, Bobby, does not have diabetes, Joyce informs me, only herself.

Now, wasn’t that short and sweet?

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