Costume bug

So this post is chiefly for my dear sisters so they can see what I’m doing even though they’re not home much. Sister’s, take notice ūüôā

As usual, I have been struck by inspiration for a costume. ¬†I seem to find an irrepressible urge never to wear the same outfit to a Renaissance fair for two years in a row, which means I’m making a new one. ¬†As traditional Renaissance garb is boring, and I love steampunk, I have decided on doing an Eastern/Oriental/steampunk costume. ¬†Yes, I know, steampunk is Victorian era, but hey, it’s a ren. fair. ¬†since the Highlands festival is many months away, I have plenty of time. ¬†However, as we all know, inspiration strikes at any time, so I’m working on it now.

The top is a based off of an Ao Dai, a traditional Vietnamese robe. ¬†The Ao Dai has sleeves and panels that drag on the floor, but I’m going to make an overrobe for it that will be longer, so I ditched the panels. ¬†Since this is a summer outfit, it will not have sleeves. ¬†I made one muslin draft to get the basic idea, and then a second to add seam allowances. ¬†Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I am completely making this up. ¬†No pattern at all. This is the second muslin draft I made, partially pinned together.Muslin 1Muslin 2I decided to use my black and red dragon silk, since it’s what I had. ¬†After cutting it out and¬†sewing most of it, I crossed my fingers and tried it on. ¬†It fit! ¬†Yes, surprisingly as it may seen (at least to me) it actually worked. ¬†Anyway, after further tweaking, several darts, and some awesome trim later, here is what it looks like.FrontBackIt fits me better than Alice. ¬†the front actually meets in the middle. ¬†I still need to get frogs and braid for the front, but other than that it’s done. ¬†Unless I think up something else to do to it. ¬†Who knows, maybe I’ll embark on another embroidery adventure. ¬†There will be lots of other bits to this costume, but for the moment, this is what I’ve got. ¬†More pictures to come once the braid is done.

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  1. I’m impressed!… not only with the vest, but the fact that I go to our family blog to see a post I didn’t put up ūüôā

    Looking forward to seeing you in it, not just Alice ūüėČ

    Love, Da

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