Thank you, Nancy Pelosi

Here’s a true statement: 100% of eligible voters in the US breath, eat and eventually get some sleep.  Yet only about 1/2 of them vote.  This includes God’s people, the followers of the Lord of both this world and the next, who are clearly commanded in Romans 12 to obey their leaders (who beg people to vote).  Why don’t they vote? I can think of possibilities, but an extended rant on civic irresponsibility and it’s kin is not my goal.  Instead, read this.

The Dems recently lost 60+ seats in the House in an historic rejection of the Pelosi/Reed/Hussein agenda.  The Dems who are left are largely progressive/liberal, and they are urging Nancy to run for Minority leader.  She will probably win.  Most of the comments on the WSJ article are either vituperative shouting or whoops of joy, but they seem to me to miss the point.  Please find a copy of my comments below:


Whether Ms. Pelosi leaves or stays, what matters are the millions of votes & dollars given by U.S. citizens who largely agree with her. Whether there is a bloodbath in 2012 or not, their worldview and angry reaction will not go away. This is why we need stronger state’s rights. When CA & NY (along with other blue coast states, quite possibly) go bankrupt, all of you ranters in these comments will get to pay off their debts, UNLESS decisive action is taken.

1. Read the constitution yourself and get educated about how the framers laid out the checks and balances between the 3 branches of the federal govt., as well as the balance between federal power and state’s rights.
2. Give of your time and $ to help persuade your neighbors and fellow citizens that the way out of this crisis of civic identity is a sincere re-commitment to the vision and spiritual framework of our founders.
3. Demand that your elected officials work to restore the proper balance between a limited federal govt. and responsible state/local elected leaders.
4. Pray for greater civic unity and responsibility among the people you know, and then set the example.

Our enemies are watching. They have been waiting since the Crusades to take back the civilized world for Allah, and they will never give up. Our disunity and economic chaos is their opportunity, and they are willing to fight for centuries until they win. Plus – the demographics are on their side; they plan to overwhelm us with the babies they are raising (while we don’t have or dispose of ours).

Ms. Pelosi has done the majority of us a great favor IF we seize the initiative and once again limit the power of federal govt. in favor of state’s rights.

This my real name, and I am willing to fight for what I believe…

Ms. Pelosi, along with her president and party, have done us a great favor by bringing our great need as a country to the fore.  Yet the ship of state will take years to turn around… I hope they elect her as Minority Leader so she can continue to do her (unwitting) part.

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