In Mexico We Trust

Andrew McCarthy of NRO points out something very important in this article: the brazen polemical attack on the state of Arizona by the president of Mexico last week represents something more than partisan politics.  Since it was fully supported by Pres. Hussein, and thunderously applauded by the Democrats, it is clear that the very fabric of who we are as a country is under attack.  Should we reward persistent, unrepentant lawbreakers (even if they have paid some taxes) with citizenship and the right to vote (for the Democrats who gave them citizenship??), all at the cost of a fine and a few English classes?  Or should we stand with the people of Arizona, close and secure our borders, eject most of the lawbreakers and then encourage those who are willing to come back and be lawful citizens to apply for that right?  If a shared heritage (in English) and respect for the law doesn’t define who we are, then what does?

Frankly, the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, is a flaming hypocrite.  Mexico has an immigration problem, too, and he abuses Arizona in front of TV cameras and a joint session of Congress while his own country has draconian laws and practices regarding some of the same immigrants!  I don’t know the details, but I am sure they are easy to find out.  Sir: shut up and go back to Mexico.  Stop lecturing Arizona about enforcing the laws of the country in which it is a state and start dealing with the rampant drug lord butchery and corruption which has characterized your country for centuries.  Yes- we have, are and will continue to help you because it is in our collective best interests to do so.  However, we will elect leaders who actually secure our borders and begin ejecting the lawbreakers first, and we will help you on our terms.

There is an even darker side to this mess.  Watch this video on the terrorist countries which are sending hundreds of operatives on foot, in daylight, walking across our 1200 mile border with Mexico and blending into the illegal throng.  Are they coming from the Middle East to work for $7/hr. mowing lawns in our major cities?   If you aren’t sure, there are benches waiting for you in an open spot in the middle of Manhattan where you can read the memorials and ponder the answer.

We love immigrants.  We have hosted and befriended students from Brazil and China, Mexicans (here legally) work on our farm, and various ones of our extended family have traveled to almost all continents of the world.  Our world is a big place, and we have much to learn and share with citizens of other countries.  Nevertheless, our home is America.  May her laws be obeyed and her fabric protected from those who would tear it to pieces.

God help us…

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