Spray-on Liquid Glass


That’s what I said.  In this Popular Science article, the brief explanation is that it’s pure silicon dioxide (sand) in a layer only atoms thick, and it’s properties are nothing short of miraculous.  One example: spray it on the inside of a sink and for the next year you don’t have to clean it– dirt can’t stick and just slides off.

Beth, O Great Dirty Kitty Footprint Grouser Abouter… want some?  < <winks> >

Apparently, this stuff is real, and has the potential for bankrupting entire industries (think paint & cleaning products).  Supposedly it will only be sold in Europe (the patent is held by Nanopool) and not in the U.S.  Is it safe for humans?  Apparently, if you take vitamins, you are already eating it, because sand is part of what holds them together.


Oh… and I forgot to mention the diamond mountains floating in a liquid diamond sea on Neptune and Uranus, didn’t I?

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