William Roscoe Hartman II of Georgia

Sounds like the beginning of some boring archduke’s bio, doesn’t it?  Nay… most definitely not.  Instead of being departed, this person is about to arrive!  There will be more on that (much more), but for now, check out one of the many unintended consequences of said immanent arrival in the form of this list on my dear oldest daughter’s blog.  She is, don’t you see, involved in the process, and inspiration (fueled by Rice Crispy treats) has overtaken her. and you will laugh and have fun reading the result!

There!!  Now that you’ve read it… aren’t you glad she’s pregnant, and you’re laughing?

(Hope you enjoyed that last crack, because she may swat me for it later this month at the Grand Arrival Celebration, which we will attend this year in Rising Fawn, Georgia.)

Christmas, conveniently enough, is all about Babies Showing Up. 🙂

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