Konsidering Kudzu

Finally!  A post by me!  It’s not about politics.  It’s not about current events.  Well, I suppose you could say it’s about current events on a local level; a family level. 

This summer, for the first time in the 21 years we have lived in Shelby County, I’ve noticed kudzu growing in places along the roadside.  When Lydia was home, she lamented that it was all over the farm.  In one of my reflective moments, I asked myself, “Why would kudzu show up now, when it hasn’t been here in the last 21 years???  What has happened in the last year that would have spread kudzu up here?”  So what did I answer myself?  It came to me in a flash!  Hurricane Ike!  Last September, Hurricane Ike still looked like a hurricane as it passed over KY, downing many limbs and trees with 60 – 80 mph winds.  Ike blew up here straight from Kudzu Kountry!  Could Ike have kalamitously karried kudzu seeds which were, with the unusually high rainfall this year, koaxed to sprout krazily in our kounty?  I think it’s a great theory.

Now I’m praying for several winters with deep freezes to kill off that krazy kudzu before it becomes king of the road!

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  1. Hi Me! Great to have you…

    So what’s wrong with politics? 🙂

    Obviously, the editorial staff may need to put you on a budget for the letter “K”. Like the noxious plant you opine about, that letter appears to be growing and growing! We’ll wait a week and see if you start calling Midnight a “kat”.


    Love, your editor

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