Murder For Hire

Suppose there was a website where, for $249, you could find the professionals you need to discreetly deal with relationships or business associates who have become “unsatisfying”.  Murder, of course, is wrong (& illegal in some countries, depending on the age of the victim), and so the site would not claim to promote it, and would certainly not take responsibility for any of the consequences.  Everything would be done anonymously and with full internet security, and the morality of the details would not be delved into.  There would even be a Murder Guarantee, such that if you were not able to get your undesirable relationship dispatched in a satisfactory manner, your money would be refunded.

Good news!  Here’s the site.  It has 4.5 million members in North America, and as I write this, 23,166 local members are looking for that special someone.  It advertises on large cable channels, and was seen repeatedly on some stations during the president’s recent address to Congress.  Finally, the number of users on the website changes every few minutes, so it must be real!

Are you appalled yet, or just annoyed that is only about the murder of marriages, rather than people?  Please think again.  There is only a one digit difference between the 6th and 7th commandment, and in God’s economy, both carry a death sentence.  Where have we come to, that this viperous trash is allowed (promoted) on major TV stations?  That the outcry against the companies and products which promote it doesn’t doom them to failure??  Why isn’t rape, child sex slavery and actual murder next!

BTW, the scumbag lawyer (a term I don’t use lightly here) who started the company assures us that his service “… probably saves more marriages than it breaks up“, so concerns about it’s corrosive effects on the city you live in are overblown.  Do you feel better?  I wonder if his wife feels better?  I wonder if she has had a little heart-to-heart with their two kids to explain that, since “infidelity is part of the human condition” she needs their help to make sure Daddy is completely satisfied with his home life lest he … take advantage of his own service!

As a culture, we have rejected our Judeo-Christian heritage, and lost our way.  God have mercy on us.

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