We have choices, voters of America:

  1. An inexperienced white man with no track record for president
  2. An inexperienced white woman with a proven track record for vice president

Oh… I must have made a typo there, you’re thinking.  He isn’t white, he’s black.  No he isn’t.  Does the race of his father determine his race?  Are you really that sexist??  In other words, BHO is just as much white as he is black– his mother was a genuine person!  My point here is to take race out of it, because a person’s value or qualification should have no reference at all to the color of their skin… or do you have a problem with Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech?

Being leader of the free world is not for on the job training.  Is it?  Iran is determined to get tactical, nuclear weapons, and their leaders have sworn repeatedly and openly to start WW4 by destroying Israel.  As we all know, we are funding our own enemies every time we fill up with gas– energy independence is not just an environmental issue, it is a security issue.  The future tax burden from uncontrolled Medicare and SS spending will crush us– unless we control spending and find ways to grow the US economy past them.  Illegal immigration, Supreme Court appointments, the threat to the EU of Russian thugs… the list goes on.

Are we ready to give responsibility for addressing all of those things to an inexperienced, rock-star state senator (who has decided he is black, rather than white) with basically no legislative achievements?  Are we, the voters of America, really gamblers willing to stake our children’s future on a twisty-talking non-achiever?  On the other hand, an inexperienced white woman who took on and beat the corrupt, male politicians in her own party sounds like a breath of fresh air for vice president.  Yes– Senator McCain could die of a heart attack on Jan. 10th, 2009, and the gamble would be on.

So– proven or vaporous.  Which will we choose?

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