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Well, I have been forced and conscripted onto the blog by my wise and sometimes annoying father. I have been requested several times to take time out of my busy schedule to write a post, so here it goes. Life for the past several months has been an unending stream of school (now in my second year of high school) work, (at the kennel where Sarah, Lydia, and Andrew worked) and trying to clean the house and get some enjoyment out of life. Also having two adorable, four legged, canine children sucks some of my time up in walks, cleaning up after them, and getting them to stop chasing the Pris ( or Her Majesty as she would prefer to be called). But the Lord gives me strength for all of it and so I will get through. Since Pris now has her own blog [posts] for adoring fans to call her adorable, I will give some voice to other life forms in the family not endowed with a ridicules father to write silly posts for them. Ginny is the sedate (sort of) dog of the family. She does not jump as much as she used to, and is now having more trouble flooring Copper due to the fact that he is twice as big as her, and heavy. She does a good job of it however, and it is not an uncommon sight to see Copper toppling to the ground like a huge oak with Ginny on top of him. It is getting more common, however, to see Ginny on the ground kicking Copper in the stomach. Ah, the little puppy is growing up. I will often go on walks with them in the morning and will see them trotting gaily along, and a second later see them veer of the road at top speed (which is fast) tearing for a tree up which a squirrel just darted. They never catch it, and always have to stop at the foot and look up at it. Copper keeps expecting it to pop out of the other side. Azeem (the bird) is happily dwelling in the school room where there is often music going on. He loves music and will sit there and play with his toy, tweeting for hours on end. He has this habit of fluffing up his feathers when he is happy, and smoothing them all down when he is scared. It’s so funny to watch him inflate and deflate like a little balloon. Well, I should probably go do school like I should have been doing for the past ten minutes (happy Dad?!)

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  1. Very good serena, its nice to see you’ve joined us in blogging world. Just divide your entry up into paragraphs and separate them with an empty line (as opposed to just indenting) so it is easier to read. Love you a bunch!

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