Pics of My Room

Here’s my room. A bit messy, but I wanted to show you how it really is. At the moment, with all I have to do, keeping my room clean is at the absolute bottom of my priority list. Though I do more or less pick up every evening so I’m not tripping over stuff, my room is by no means a model of cleanliness. Don’t feel bad about me only having a mattress and box-springs for a bed. I actually like it much better than a bed, and it is very comfortable. I like being near the floor. Well, enjoy.

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  1. Dear Lydia,

    Thanks for the pics! It gives a better insight into your life, and helps people outside our immediate friends (who are reading this, I am told) understand what you are doing.

    How ’bout some pics of your roommates, classmates, etc.? Even you??

    Love, Da

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