Ha! Old School vs. New…

Sun Microsystems was around when I was in college… how long ago was that??? 🙂  Here’s an exchange between their CEO and a new hire:

Jonathan Schwartz, the pony-tailed chief executive of Sun Microsystems (nasdaq: SUNW news people ), got his five minutes of stage time too. He described how he had recently asked a fresh-faced new hire at Sun what he thought of the company.

“Well, it’s kind of an old-fashioned company,” the 20-something conceded.

“Old-fashioned?” fumed Schwartz. “In what way?”

“You use e-mail,” replied the younger man.

“What’s wrong with that?” demanded Schwartz.

“My parents send me e-mail,” he answered.

So uncool, so 1990s.

Oh boy… e-mail will soon be for little old ladies and old men wearing hats!  (HT: Elizabeth Corcoran at Forbes.com)

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